Corman Secures Grant for Derry Twp. Sewer Authority

(HARRISBURG) – Sen. Jake Corman (R-34) presented a state grant today, Tuesday, February 19, 2008, that he has secured a state grant for the Derry Township Sanitary Sewer Authority.

Corman secured a $65,000 state grant for the Authority, which will be used to fund repairs and new construction after the Kish Creek Aerial Crossing was damaged during Hurricane Ivan in late 2003, and presented the grant to Willis Goss, Chairman of the Authority, and Leonard Moist, Authority Board member.

Corman said the Authority has been working with the Borough of Lewistown on repairs to the aerial crossing and with orders from the state Department of Environmental Protection, new construction is necessary.

The Authority will use the funding to assist with the construction of 157 lineal feet of 15-inch gravity sewer, one manhole, a duplex submersible chopper pumping station and other facilities.

The $65,000 grant that Sen. Corman was able to secure will pay for a portion of the $522,000 project.

“I was very pleased to assist the Derry Township Sanitary Sewer Authority with this grant,” Corman said. “With this funding, the authority can safely transport waste to Lewistown’s treatment plant and have new facilities in place that can withstand future hurricane damage.”

Senator Jake Corman, the Senate’s Majority Policy Chairman, represents the 34th Senatorial District, which includes Centre, Mifflin, Juniata, Perry and Union Counties.

Don Houser
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