Three Bills Written by Sen. Jake Corman Signed into Law by Governor Rendell

(HARRISBURG) – Three bills written by Sen. Jake Corman (R-34) were recently passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Ed Rendell.

Sen. Corman’s Senate Bill 385, Senate Bill 838 and Senate Bill 999 became Acts 72, 73, and 74 of 2008, respectively, on July 9, 2008 when Governor Rendell signed them into law.

Corman’s SB 385, which requires voice over the internet (VoIP) providers to forward 911 fees to the Commonwealth, became Act 72 of 2008.

Act 72 requires all interconnected VoIP companies to charge customers $1 for each line and forward that money to the State Treasurer or directly to the county where the customer is located. The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, if the company sends the funds to the state Treasurer, would then provide the fees to the counties where the customers are located.

“In 2003 we responded to counties who said they were losing 911 fees to the wireless industry by placing a charge on each cell phone,” Corman said. “Now we must respond to the increasing market share of the VoIP industry and ensure that they also send 911 fees back to our counties to help pay for the infrastructure and services they use.”

Corman’s SB 838, which brings Pennsylvania’s Certified Public Accountant (CPA) law into compliance with most other states as well as the federal Uniform Accountancy Act, became Act 73 of 2008.

To match other state laws, the Act 73 increases the minimum amount of training required to sit for the CPA exam, from 120 to 150 hours. CPAs currently licensed in Pennsylvania will be grandfathered into the new policy and will not need additional training to practice in other states.

“With this new law, we now have reciprocity of certified public accountants in Pennsylvania,” Corman said. “Instead of our CPAs having to get a new license in another state, our CPAs can immediately go to work, and CPAs licensed in other states can find work in Pennsylvania without having to apply for a new license.”

Corman’s SB 999, which designates a portion of State Route 26 in Centre County as the Marine Sergeant David “DJ” Emery Highway, designates the bridge on State Route 322 joining Clearfield and Centre Counties as the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge, designates a portion of State Route 850 in Perry County as the Army Private David E. Dietrich Memorial Highway, and designates Route 322 in Harris, College and Patton Townships in Centre County as the Thomas D. Larson Highway, became Act 74 of 2008.

“We have the honor of naming two state highways after soldiers that served our country with distinction and honor,” Corman said. “We also fittingly name a highway after a man who transformed the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation into the model department it is today.”

Senator Jake Corman, the Senate Policy Chairman, represents the 34th Senatorial District, which includes Centre, Mifflin, Juniata, Perry and Union Counties.

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