Sen. Corman’s Original Land Transfer Bill Goes to Governor

The Senate and House have both approved legislation sponsored by Senator Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) that will transfer three parcels of state land near the I-99 interchange in Benner Township for economic development purposes.

Corman said Senate Bill 740, which now goes to the governor for his signature, would transfer three small parcels of SCI-Rockview land to the Department of General Services. The land would be auctioned off to the highest bidders and used to bring new jobs and development to the area.

Corman had the controversial Rockview Canyon property removed from the bill prior to its passage in the Senate. He had earlier announced that those lands would await the completion of the Land Use Management Plan, now being developed, and a subsequent public review of all documentation involving those lands.

“This is a win for this area, because it will take land that is essentially not being utilized at this point and use it to promote economic development efforts,” Corman said. “In these tough economic times we need to do all we can to promote business growth and development and encourage companies to locate in Pennsylvania.”

Niki Gross
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