Newton-Wayne Authority Receives $9.49 Million in State Funding

Grant and Loan to Develop Sewer Service in Newton-Hamilton and Wayne Twp.

The Newton-Wayne Joint Municipal Authority will receive $9,492,020 in state financing to cover the costs to develop sewer service in Newton-Hamilton Borough and Wayne Township, according to Senator Jake Corman (R-34).

The authority will receive a $3,326,554 grant and a $6,165,466 low-interest loan from the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) for the project, according to Senator Corman.

The PENNVEST funding approved today (January 26) will be applied to the costs of the project which includes construction of three pump stations; installation of 56,490 feet of sewer mains and 20,772 feet of sewer forced mains; acquisition of interceptor and treatment capacity from Kistler and Mount Union boroughs; and the decommissioning of an overloaded 0.024 million gallon-per-day sewage treatment plant.

The project, when completed, will serve 460 households, many of which are now using malfunctioning sewage disposal systems.

“The residents of the area are currently facing the potential of raw or inadequately treated waste contaminating their water wells,” said Senator Corman. “This PENNVEST financing will help the community address that issue while easing the financial burden that would otherwise had to have been borne by the residents. The new sewer system will provide residents with the peace of mind of knowing that their water supplies are clean and safe.”

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