Corman Bill Would Extend Insurance Benefits to Young Adults

Harrisburg – Senator Jake Corman (R-34) is renewing his efforts to provide Pennsylvanians with greater access to affordable health care.  Corman has authored legislation that would extend health insurance coverage to adult dependent children, up to the age of 30.

“The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance just released a study that shows a million Pennsylvanians do not have health insurance. Trying to add all of these individuals to the adultBasic program is not a workable solution.”

“In these very tough economic times, we need to do all we can to be creative, while providing a safety net to Pennsylvanians – many of whom are losing jobs and health care benefits,” Corman said.  “Rather than spending limited tax dollars on expansive and costly new programs, this legislation builds on approaches that are working and does so in a fiscally responsible way.”

Corman’s bill would extend insurance to adult dependent children, up to the age of 30, who are not married, have no dependents, are residents of the Commonwealth or are enrolled as a full-time student at an institution of higher education and are not provided insurance coverage or eligible for government benefits.

“In Pennsylvania, the largest segment of the uninsured — roughly half — are young adults age 18 to 34,” Senator Corman said. “This legislation would provide an option that would enable some of those young adults to receive the health insurance coverage under their parent’s policy.”

Corman’s legislation is part of the Senate Republican HealthNET package, a blueprint that expands access to health care and medicine to uninsured and working Pennsylvanians. In addition to his legislation, the package provides access to specialized care and affordable prescriptions, utilizes information technology to control costs and reduce health care-associated infections, and provides expanded insurance options for employers and families.

“The number of people who do not have health insurance is increasing, my legislation provides a commonsense, affordable solution to expand health care coverage,” Corman said.  “We can minimize costs and maximize services by using existing resources to serve as a crucial safety net for state residents at a time when they need it most.”

Tim Nyquist
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