Appropriations Committee Approves Three Bills Military

Fishing, Hunting License Bills Headed to Full Senate

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved three bills during its meeting on Monday, June 8, according to Committee Chairman Senator Jake Corman (R-34).

The approved bills include:

Senate Bill 301, introduced by Senator Pat Vance (R-31), which reduces the required number of days of consecutive active military service overseas needed to be eligible for the annual $1 fishing license for deployed military from 180 to 60 days.

Senate Bill 302, introduced by Senator Lisa Baker (R-20), which reduces the consecutive days of required overseas service for a $1 National Guard Hunting License from 180 to 60 days.

Senate Bill 572, introduced by Senator John Rafferty (R-44), which increases the compliment of the State Police from 3940 enlisted members to 4310 members, excluding those troopers assigned to the Turnpike, Delaware Toll River Bridge Authority, Gaming Enforcement and Liquor Enforcement.

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