Appropriations Committee Considers Five Bills

 Legislation Opening Activities to Private, Non-Public Students Approved

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved five bills during its meeting on Monday, June 22, according to Committee Chairman Senator Jake Corman (R-34):

Senate Bill 88, sponsored by Senator John Pippy (R-37), would allow a child who lives outside of Pennsylvania as a result of one or both parents being called to active military duty to remain a resident of the school district that was the child’s resident school district immediately prior to the call to military duty outside the Commonwealth, provided that the parent maintain the residence.

Senate Bill 624, sponsored by Senator John Gordner (R-27), requires a school board to include students who attend a private or non-public school in the district in public school activities that are not offered by the private or non-public school.

Senate Bill 901, sponsored by Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25), amends the Bio-Fuel Development and In-State Production Incentive Act to exempt diesel fuel produced from 100 percent Pennsylvania crude oil by a small refinery from the bio-diesel mandate for a period of one year. This change is consistent with current federal exemptions for small refineries, and provides additional time for a small refinery to address problems associated with the use of bio-diesel in winter months.

Senator Scarnati told the committee that the wax content of Pennsylvania’s oil makes it more difficult to add ethanol, which means refineries need additional time to meet the mandate.

House Bill 92, sponsored by Representative Edward Staback (D-115), caps the fee for the transaction costs associated with the Pennsylvania Automated Licensing Service (PALS) at $1.

House Bill 718, sponsored by Representative Anthony Melio (D-141), extends the sunset provision for the wireless telephone $1 per month 911 service surcharge from June 30, 2009 to June 30, 2014.

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