Corman Says House-Passed Budget ‘Does Not Move Process Forward’

(HARRISBURG) — Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Jake Corman (R-34) reiterated his commitment to adopting a fiscally responsible state budget before the July 1 deadline, but said that House passage today of Governor Rendell’s spending proposal “does nothing to move the process forward.”

“This spending plan is already out of balance and it does not reflect the fiscal realities we face,” Corman said.  “As we face another tough budget year, our goal should be finding ways to cut spending, save taxpayers money and pass a budget that is balanced and sustainable.”

With revenues still coming in below projections, analysts do not believe Rendell’s budget, which calls for funding to cover an anticipated $525 million deficit by July, would be in balance at that time. In fact, Corman noted that March’s weak revenue collections will likely push the deficit past Rendell’s estimate by the end of the month, making the House-passed budget out of balance by over $300 million.

Corman urged House leaders to work with the Senate on a responsible budget that is balanced, provides core services to the citizens of the Commonwealth and, unlike the Governor’s proposal, does not rely on a series of assumptions about federal support.

“Today, the House passed a budget that is out of balance, and therefore, irrelevant to advancing the budgetary process,” said Corman. “Senate Republicans remain committed to enacting a fiscally responsible spending plan in a timely manner while protecting the interests of Pennsylvania’s taxpayers.”
Anna Fitzsimmons
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