General Assembly Passes Legislation to Ban “Bath Salts”

(HARRISBURG) Senator Jake Corman (R-Centre) voted for legislation that would ban the sale of “bath salts” and other dangerous synthetic drugs in Pennsylvania.  The measure, which received unanimous support, was also passed in the House of Representatives and now goes onto the Governor to be passed into law.

Corman said he was glad the Legislature was able to quickly address the bill because of the growing incidents involving the drugs, which mimic the effects of cocaine and methamphetamines. They can cause extreme paranoia, hallucinations and erratic behavior.

“These drugs are extremely dangerous and, because they are readily available, are being used more and more in recent months,” Corman said.  “We need to stop the sale of them immediately to save lives.”

Senate Bill 1006 would add Salvia Divinorum, Salvinorin A, Divinorin A, synthetic marijuana, and synthetic cocaine/heroin, more commonly referred to as concentrated bath salts, to the list of Schedule I controlled substances.

Mark Meyer