Sen. Corman – Pennvest Funding Approved For Marysville Sewer Construction Project

Marysville Borough in Perry County has been awarded a $5.244 million loan interest loan through the state’s Pennvest Program to make major improvements to its sewer, water and storm water infrastructure, according to Sen. Jake Corman (R-34).

Corman said the project will enable the Borough to comply with a consent order issued by the Department of Environmental Protection.  The current system is so outdated and overcapacity that sewer discharges result in untreated sewage being released into the Susquehanna River during wet weather.

“The Pennvest funding will enable the borough to replace an unsafe and failing infrastructure system that is a threat to public health and safety and water quality,” Corman said.  “The new system will be more energy efficient and able to handle greater capacity.  The project will also result in new jobs at a time when we are working hard to jumpstart our economy.”

The borough will use the funds to build 17,000 feet of new sanitary sewer and 7,500 feet of new storm sewer and relocate 500 feet of water line.

The project, which will cost a total of $5.773 million, will serve 995 households in the borough and is expected to create 25 new construction jobs.

Mark Meyer