Corman Named Guardian of Small Business by NFIB

The Pennsylvania Leadership Council of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has named Senator Jake Corman (R-34) a Guardian of Small Business for his favorable voting record on behalf of the Commonwealth’s small-business owners in the 2011-12 legislative session.

“As someone who believes strongly in helping our job-creators through lower taxation, less intrusive government, and fewer mandates, I am very pleased to receive this award,” Corman said.  “It’s important, particularly in these tough economic times, that we support our small businesses as they work to create jobs and opportunities for Pennsylvanians.”

Guardians of Small Business are awarded to Senators and Representatives who voted favorably on key small-business issues during the current session.   One of the votes the NFIB used to gauge support for job-creators was Senate Bill 1131, a bill Corman sponsored to end the practice of “joint and several liability.”

Under joint and several liability, a company found just one percent liable in a civil suit can be held 100 percent financially responsible. Pennsylvania is one of nine states, and the District of Columbia, that has not reformed the rule of joint and several liability.

“This puts Pennsylvania at an economic disadvantage with regard to attracting, creating and retaining jobs because businesses can be sued, even if they are not at fault,” Corman said.  “Lawsuit abuse hurts our economy and results in hidden, higher taxes for consumers.   This is one measure that will ensure that the small businesses in our communities don’t become the target of unfair civil lawsuits that could put them out of operation.”

Mark Meyer