Corman Introduces Legislation to Address NCAA Fine

Harrisburg – Senator Jake Corman (R-34th District) announced today that he will introduce legislation in January to direct the $60 million fine assessed on Penn State University to child sexual abuse prevention programs in-state.  Additionally, the Senator will file a lawsuit to ask the courts to enjoin the NCAA or their endowment from releasing any funds to organizations outside of Pennsylvania.467-sm

Senator Corman said, “I believe the fine money, which is coming from Pennsylvania residents, should stay in Pennsylvania and benefit our organizations and children.  Every dollar will continue to go to worthy and valuable child abuse prevention and educational organizations, except this way, the connection between Pennsylvania resident funds and Pennsylvania benefits will be clear.”

Senator Corman added, “The Pennsylvania Task Force on Child Protection recently issued a comprehensive report which points to many worthwhile organizational avenues in our Commonwealth that could benefit greatly from the distribution of the fine.  I believe keeping the money is Pennsylvania is not only appropriate, but also will significantly help the state achieve the goals and preparedness the Task Force spells out.”

Senator Corman serves as Chairman of the Senator Appropriations Committee, is a Penn State alumnus and represents the State College area as part of the 34th Senatorial District.

Scott Sikorski