Corman Calls on Department of Corrections to Change Policy

(Harrisburg) – Senator Jake Corman has sent a letter to the Department of Corrections Secretary asking for the Secretary to immediately implement a state-wide policy that removes all Non-Contact classified personnel and their work stations outside of the inmate population.

After meeting with employees of Rockview State Correctional Institution regarding the recent brutal assault of a Clerk Typist, Corman learned that Non-Contact personnel are sometimes required to work within the inmate population.   Although the Clerk Typist at SCI Rockview was classified as Non-Contact, her work station was among the inmate population.

Corman was informed that the policies relating to inmate contact are determined at each of the Institutions and are not based on a state-wide policy.

“I believe, for the safety of our state employees, that the Department must immediately place all Non-Contact employees outside the inmate populations, at all of our correctional facilities,” Corman wrote to the Secretary.

Corman added, “It’s shocking to me that non-contact employees, who are not guards and who have not received defensive training – would have any contact with inmates or be left alone with inmates.  This policy must be changed immediately!”

Scott Sikorski