Sen. Corman on Gov. Wolf’s Comments About PA’s Low Self-Esteem

Harrisburg – Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) issued the following statement following Gov. Wolf’s statements about Pennsylvania’s “low self-esteem”:

“Good leaders do not blame the people of Pennsylvania and their “self-esteem” for the economic challenges in the state. (LINK) It is insulting to Pennsylvanians who get up every day and work hard for their families.

“Gov. Wolf’s solutions of higher income taxes, a massive energy tax and increased spending is not going to help grow our economy — it will only grow the government.  While Gov. Wolf is fixated on the “psychological issues” he claims are holding the state back, we remain focused on tangible initiatives to help Pennsylvanians such as passing pension reform and improving our business environment.”


Jennifer Kocher –