Senate Leaders Issue Statement on Governor Wolf’s Veto of Liquor Privatization

Senators Scarnati and Corman issued the following statement on Governor Wolf’s veto of the liquor privatization bill:

We are disappointed that Governor Wolf would choose the status quo and side with powerful special interests over Pennsylvania consumers.  Residents across the state have voiced their opinions that they want to see greater consumer convenience for liquor sales.

The legislatively-approved plan listened to the wants of consumers, added $220 million to state revenues and brought us in line with the systems in place in 48 other states.  It is unfortunate that Governor Wolf has rejected moving Pennsylvania into the 21st Century when it comes to the sale of wine and spirits across the Commonwealth.

We remain committed to our position that Pennsylvania should not be in the business of selling liquor.  As negotiations with the Governor move forward,  liquor discussions will continue to be a part of the debate.