Senator Corman Comments on Gov. Wolf’s Symbolic Executive Order on the Minimum Wage for State Employees

(HARRISBURG) – Senator Jake Corman (R-34) issued the following statement on Gov. Wolf’s symbolic executive order on the minimum wage for state employees:

“With this action, Gov. Wolf again demonstrates that he has absolutely no ability or desire to work with the legislature on policy initiatives. The Governor promised different, but his definition of different is turning Pennsylvania into Washington, D.C., by mimicking the Obama philosophy.

“Outside of his two budget addresses, raising the minimum wage is not something the Governor has emphasized as important during our ongoing conversations. The sudden attention to the issue indicates that Governor must have noticed that, during the last year, his accomplishments are limited at best.

“Gov. Rendell was able to work with a Republican-controlled legislature to accomplish his goal of increasing the minimum wage. Choosing to take symbolic executive action on this issue instead of working with the legislature underscores his failures to collaborate.”


Jennifer Kocher