Senate Leaders Urge Gov. Wolf to Sign Liquor Modernization Bill

HARRISBURG – Senate leaders and Senate Law and Justice Committee Chair Chuck McIlhinney offered the following statements on House passage of legislation that would modernize liquor store sales in Pennsylvania, giving consumers greater convenience.  House Bill 1690, which passed the Senate in December 2015, now goes to the Governor for his consideration.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25):  “We have listened to our constituents across the state, and have worked together to bring the changes they have strongly requested to our Commonwealth’s archaic liquor system.  The liquor privatization proposal which passed the Senate last December and the House of Representatives today will increase consumer choice and convenience for all areas of the state, while protecting our small business owners who have invested so much in their communities.  I urge Governor Wolf to sign this historic piece of legislation once it reaches his desk.”

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34):  “Today is a good day for consumers across Pennsylvania who have overwhelmingly been seeking greater convenience in liquor sales. I urge the Governor to listen to those consumers and take advantage of this opportunity to bring Pennsylvania into the 21st Century when it comes to the sale of wine across the Commonwealth. It’s time for PA to move away from its current antiquated system and embrace a more consumer driven model.”

Senate Law and Justice Committee Chair Chuck McIlhinney (R-10):  “Throughout the debate regarding Pennsylvania’s liquor sales system, my primary goal has been clear: support proposals that provide more convenience and selection for consumers. I am pleased that the House of Representatives today passed important legislation, that I authored, which allows us to meet these goals and move forward in providing better services for the people of Pennsylvania.”


Kate Eckhart – Senator Scarnati (717) 787-7084

Jenn Kocher – Senator Corman (717) 787-1377

Heather Cevasco – Senator McIlhinney (717) 787-7305