Senate Votes to Strengthen State’s Equal Pay Law

HARRISBURG – The State Senate today voted to strengthen Pennsylvania’s Equal Pay Law by allowing employers to determine wages based on the level or amount of education, training or experience, and prohibits employer discrimination against an employee who files a complaint.

Senator Jake Corman (R-34) supported Senate Bill 241, saying it would provide the tools necessary for employees to look into and address any unlawful pay disparity. The bill promotes pay transparency and makes critical updates to current law to protect any employee from pay discrimination for equal work.

Click here to watch Corman’s remarks on the Senate floor.

He said the bill will provide greater uniformity in dealing with pay issues and balances the needs of workers and the business community with regard to pay issues.

“This bill does not set wages but rather strengthens the parameters currently in law that employees of the same sex have to be paid equal for substantially the same work and provides tools to employees to ensure that if they are being discriminated against, they can seek relief under the law,” Corman said.  “By providing for greater ‘pay transparency’ this legislation will ensure that employees are not discriminated in the work place.”

The Equal Pay Law requires that men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. Senate Bill 241 strengthens the current law by:

  • Prohibits retaliation against employees who ask about or discuss wages paid to co-workers.
  • Further establishing legitimate variances in work including the level or amount of education, training or experience.
  • The legislation allows employees to freely discuss their salaries with coworkers, prohibiting employers from preventing workers discussing salary information about their earnings or those of their colleagues.
  • The law balances the needs of workers and the business community.

Senate Bill 241 now will go to the House for consideration

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