Corman Says Governor’s Veto of Recycled Plastic Bag Laws is Action Against Families, Employers

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) issue the following statement on Governor Wolf’s veto of HB 1071, which provided for consistency in laws governing fees on recycled plastic bags:

Today, with his veto, the governor took a position against more than 1,500 Pennsylvanians who are employed in facilities that make recycled plastic bags. Pennsylvania’s recycled plastic bag manufacturers provide family-sustaining jobs with competitive salaries and benefits – but maybe that doesn’t fit in with the Governor’s “jobs that pay.”

Patch-work regulations across the state also create difficulties for grocery stores and other employers both large and small as they try to comply with various regulations from town to town. These policies also add another cost to every grocery trip for families already struggling to make ends meet.

It’s also interesting that the Governor chose to base his veto on Constitutional concerns. Earlier this year, he encouraged passage of a bill that was shown during Senate hearings to be unconstitutional, saying the courts should sort it out.