Additional Funding Dedicated to Purdue Mountain Road Repair Project

HARRISBURG – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will dedicate an additional $573,000 to help repair damages to Purdue Mountain Road in Benner Township, Centre County, according to Senator Jake Corman (R-34).

FEMA previously awarded approximately $1.2 million to repair multiple locations along the road that were damaged during a rain storm in October 2016. The additional $573,000 will help repave other locations that were damaged during the storm, but were not identified during the initial inspection.

In addition, the new funding will help improve the flow of runoff away from the affected areas through the installation of additional drainage features.

“The damage to Purdue Mountain Road caused a major disruption for the entire community, and it would have been extremely difficult for the township to repair this damage without additional financial support,” Corman said. “I am thankful that FEMA agreed to not only help repair the affected areas, but also dedicated resources to ensure those areas are better protected against future damage.”

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