Senate Advances Plan to Require Certain Payments to EMS Providers

(HARRISBURG) –The Senate today approved legislation that will require insurance companies and Medicaid to reimburse emergency medical services (EMS) agencies for services provided when care is given even if the patient is not transported to a hospital, according to Senator Jake Corman (R-34), who supported the bill.

Senate Bill 1003 will ensure that EMS agencies are properly reimbursed for their services when called out to provide care. Currently, insurance companies and Medicaid are only required to reimburse EMS organizations for services when they include transportation to a hospital.

“Many of our local EMS providers are struggling because payments for providing medical treatment and care can be denied by insurers and Medicaid if the patient is not transported to the hospital,” Senator Corman said. “Not every call requires the person to be treated at the hospital or, in some cases, the patient refuses transportation. But every call costs money to the EMS service. This will address a very real fiscal concern for our local EMS providers.”

On May 24, the House unanimously approved House Bill 1013, a measure similar to Senate Bill 1003 in that it requires insurance company reimbursement for non-transport EMS cases, but does not include the Medicaid component.

“The Senate bill takes the House bill one step further by including the Medicaid reimbursements,” Senator Corman said. “Doing so further levels the playing field and provides greater support for Pennsylvania’s EMS crews and the good work they provide for our citizens.”

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