Corman: Hearing Raises Concerns About Drop Box Security

HARRISBURG – Evidence presented during a Senate State Government Committee hearing today raised serious concerns over the security of ballot drop boxes, according to Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte).

True the Vote, a nationwide vote-monitoring organization, shared cell phone geolocation data during the hearing that indicated unusual activity around drop boxes in the weeks leading up to the 2020 General Election.

The data includes the identification of more than 100 devices that made at least 87 unique trips to a drop box location. One of these devices made 156 unique drop box visits during that time period.

The group testified that their data is thoroughly analyzed to ensure it does not include people simply walking or driving by a drop box, as well as individuals who may live or work near a drop box location.

The organization also testified that they requested video of these drop boxes through a Right to Know request, but were denied by Philadelphia City officials.

Drop boxes were never authorized by the General Assembly, but were implemented by the Department of State with the approval of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 2020.

“The concerns regarding ballot drop boxes grew out of the fact that they were never authorized by the General Assembly and did not include the proper monitoring and security measures to protect the integrity of the vote,” Corman said. “The information revealed in this hearing is troubling and demonstrates the urgent need to rethink drop box security to prevent future abuse of our voting system.”


CONTACT: Jason Thompson