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I am pleased to send you this special e-newsletter listing all of the bills that were enacted into law or vetoed by the Governor during 2019.

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Legislation Enacted in 2019

Senate Bill 113 mandates the forfeiture of pension benefits for public employees who are convicted or plead guilty or no contest to any job-related felony offense. (Act 1 of 2019)

House Bill 18 authorizes the release of Project 70 restrictions on lands owned by the Borough of Topton, Berks County, in exchange for the imposition of the restrictions on other lands to be acquired by the borough. The bill also provides for land conveyances in Chester, Lehigh and Monroe counties. (Act 2 of 2019)

Senate Bill 9 designates the Eastern Hellbender as Pennsylvania’s state amphibian. (Act 3 of 2019)

House Bill 264 adds fiscal procedures for the collection of monies by municipal authorities. (Act 4 of 2019)

House Bill 279 provides for civil immunity when there is damage to a motor vehicle when forceful entry is necessary to rescue a child. (Act 5 of 2019)

House Bill 275 changes the name of the “Early Intervention Program” under the Municipalities Financial Recovery Act to the “Strategic Management Planning Program.” (Act 6 of 2019)

Senate Bill 115 addresses CPR instruction in grades 9-12. (Act 7 of 2019)

Senate Bill 441 designates the State Route 2087 bridge over the East Branch Codorus Creek in York County as the Sgt. Christopher M. Wrinkle and Tosca Memorial Bridge. (Act 8 of 2019)

House Bill 619 establishes June 19 as “Juneteenth National Freedom Day.” (Act 9 of 2019)

House Bill 223 conveys land in Asylum Township, Bradford County, to French Azilum, Inc. (Act 10 of 2019)

Senate Bill 43 designates a portion of Route 30 in Westmoreland County, as the J. Edward “Hutch” Hutchinson Memorial Bypass. (Act 11 of 2019)

House Bill 33 eliminates the general assistance cash benefit program, continues the medical assistance Day One incentive payment for non-public nursing homes and extends the Philadelphia Hospital assessment. (Act 12 of 2019)

House Bill 262 amends the Tax Reform Code. (Act 13 of 2019)

House Bill 856 reinstates adoption and permanent legal custodian subsidies. (Act 14 of 2019)

House Bill 1461 amends the Administrative Code to expand the investigative powers of the state Inspector General and make other changes. (Act 15 of 2019)

House Bill 1615 amends the Public School Code regarding educational tax credits and making other changes. (Act 16 of 2019)

Senate Bill 127 reauthorizes Pennsylvania’s 911 Law, which was set to expire on June 30, 2019. (Act 17 of 2019)

Senate Bill 144 amends the Public School Code to create the Keystone Telepresence Education Grant program. (Act 18 of 2019)

Senate Bill 695 reauthorizes certain provisions of the Human Services Code which were set to sunset on June 30, 2019. (Act 19 of 2019)

Senate Bill 712 is the Fiscal Code Bill. (Act 20 of 2019)

House Bill 315 criminalizes the act of female genital mutilation. Offenders could be found guilty of a first-degree felony. (Act 21 of 2019)

House Bill 384 increases the fine for driving a vehicle without the proper endorsement for that particular type of vehicle. (Act 22 of 2019)

House Bill 502 protects victim’s rights to be present at a trial. (Act 23 of 2019)

House Bill 504 provides that past sexual victimization and allegations of past sexual victimization may be excluded from evidence in certain criminal trials. (Act 24 of 2019)

House Bill 1065 designates Route 3033 bridge over Redbank Creek in Brookville Borough, Jefferson County, as the CPL James Slagle 2nd Ranger Battalion Army Ranger WWII Memorial Bridge. (Act 25 of 2019)

House Bill 1166 increases the fees paid for river pilot services on the Delaware River and Bay beginning in 2020. (Act 26 of 2019)

Senate Bill 190 conveys property in Somerset Township, Somerset County. (Act 27 of 2019)

Senate Bill 338 increases the allowable width for farm equipment on roads. (Act 28 of 2019)

Senate Bill 399 provides for a comprehensive bill of rights for survivors of sexual assault. (Act 29 of 2019)

Senate Bill 469 applies the existing Tender Years Exception – which allows certain out-of-court statements to be admissible as evidence – to include individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism. (Act 30 of 2019)

Senate Bill 479 expands the Tender Years Exception to apply to a wider variety of crimes, including serious sexual offenses. This exception currently only applies in cases of homicide, assault, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, and a narrow number of sexual offenses. (Act 31 of 2019)

House Bill 1324 allows National Guard members to earn educational benefits for their spouse and/or children by committing to a second six-year reenlistment with the Pennsylvania National Guard. (Act 32 of 2019)

House Bill 370 addresses provisions for farmland preservation. (Act 33 of 2019)

House Bill 1514 provides for Farm-To-School Program grants. (Act 34 of 2019)

House Bill 1516 establishes the Agriculture Rapid Response Disaster Readiness Account to provide emergency money for training, equipment and other resources necessary for rapid responses to transmissible diseases, plant pests, plant diseases, controlled and noxious weeds, foodborne illnesses and natural and other disasters affecting agriculture which pose an immediate danger to public or animal health, food safety or economic well-being in the Commonwealth. (Act 35 of 2019)

House Bill 1520 creates a grant program to reimburse federal meat inspection costs for small or new processors and subsidize the first-time purchase of equipment needed for federal compliance. (Act 36 of 2019)

House Bill 1526 establishes the Agriculture-Linked Investment Program for implementing best management practices. (Act 37 of 2019)

House Bill 1590 establishes the Dairy Investment Program and Dairy Investment Program Account under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth Financing Authority. (Act 38 of 2019)

Senate Bill 634 creates a “Conservation Excellence Grant Program” to provide financial and technical assistance to farmers to install and implement best management practices. (Act 39 of 2019)

Senate Bill 661 creates the Commonwealth Specialty Crop Block Grant Fund. (Act 40 of 2019)

House Bill 1172 establishes an endorsement process for boards and commissions under the Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs for the issuance of licenses to applicants who are licensed to practice in another state. (Act 41 of 2019)

House Bill 3 creates an authority to operate a state-based health insurance exchange for Affordable Care Act individual market plans. (Act 42 of 2019)

House Bill 24 requires, with limited exceptions, that all debt amortization must be done using an equal annual maturities plan. (Act 43 of 2019)

House Bill 65 is an omnibus road and bridge renaming bill. (Act 44 of 2019)

House Bill 131 amends the Liquor Code to further define “alcoholic cider” and “fermented fruit beverage.” (Act 45 of 2019)

House Bill 195 allows pharmacies to synchronize monthly medication fill dates for a patient so all of their prescriptions are filled on the same day of the month. (Act 46 of 2019)

House Bill 235 allows a correctional facility employee to serve as a witness to the consent to an adoption by an incarcerated birth parent. (Act 47 of 2019)

House Bill 423 create a referendum which would allow voters to choose whether a municipality should stay completely “dry,” allow limited alcohol sales or convert to “wet.” (Act 48 of 2019)

House Bill 448 adds the PEMA Director and the State Police Commissioner to the Pennsylvania Commission for the U.S. Semiquincentennial. (Act 49 of 2019)

House Bill 547 amends the First Class Township Code to allow townships to set their annual assessment of the property tax millage rate by resolution. (Act 50 of 2019)

House Bill 548 amends the Borough Code and the Third Class City Code to enable boroughs and third class cities to assess their annual property tax millage rate by resolution. (Act 51 of 2019)

House Bill 615 expand the definition of enforcement officer in the State Employees Retirement Code to include full-time Pennsylvania Game Commission officers and other commissioned law enforcement personnel employed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. (Act 52 of 2019)

House Bill 751 makes technical and editorial changes to the Public Utility Code. (Act 53 of 2019)

House Bill 786 establishes accreditation criteria for Level III trauma centers. (Act 54 of 2019)

House Bill 807 requires the compensation of National Guard general officers to be commensurate with Federal military base pay. (Act 55 of 2019)

House Bill 826 authorizes non-profits affiliated with major league and collegiate sports teams to conduct 50/50 drawings for charity. (Act 56 of 2019)

House Bill 1524 allows the transfer of some liquor licenses. (Act 57 of 2019)

House Bill 1614 amends the Judicial Code to extend jurisdiction of municipal police officers, non-municipal officers and agents of the Office of the Attorney General to include situations when the officer/agent has been requested to participate in a federal, State or local task force. (Act 58 of 2019)

Senate Bill 117 designates a bridge on Route 3016 (Bedford Street) over Solomon Run in the City of Johnstown, Cambria County, as the Seaman Apprentice Kenneth D. Scaife Memorial Bridge. (Act 59 of 2019)

Senate Bill 128 codifies the Civil Air Patrol’s state operations in Title 51 under the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs. (Act 60 of 2019)

Senate Bill 130 releases a use restriction and reversionary interest affecting a property located partly in the Township of Mahoning and partly in the Borough of Danville in Montour County. (Act 61 of 2019)

Senate Bill 298 transfers “Stolen Valor” fines to the Pennsylvania Veterans’ Trust Fund. (Act 62 of 2019)

Senate Bill 321 gives municipalities the option to ban gaming establishments. (Act 63 of 2019)

Senate Bill 440 provides for flexible instruction days. (Act 64 of 2019)

Senate Bill 478 provides a personal income tax credit for landowners who lease or sell their land, buildings and equipment to beginning farmers. (Act 65 of 2019)

Senate Bill 585 establishes the Pennsylvania Dairy Future Commission to review the current status of the dairy industry in the Commonwealth and make recommendations on how to support its future. (Act 66 of 2019)

Senate Bill 621 amends Act 44 of 2018 to clarify language regarding armed school security guards and regarding sheriffs and deputy sheriffs who serve as school security officers. (Act 67 of 2019)

Senate Bill 698 amends the Medical Practice Act to let physicians use a designee to input information about written agreements into the Department of State’s new online PALS licensing system. (Act 68 of 2019)

Senate Bill 699 amends the Osteopathic Practice Act to let physicians use a designee to input information about written agreements into the Department of State’s new online PALS licensing system. (Act 69 of 2019)

Senate Bill 700 implements recommendations from the Public School Building Construction and Reconstruction (PlanCon) Advisory Committee. (Act 70 of 2019)

Senate Bill 701 provides for the conveyance of the former Allentown State Hospital property. (Act 71 of 2019)

Senate Bill 724 amends Title 24 (Education) and Title 71 (State Government) to make technical corrections to certain sections added or amended by Act 5 of 2017 and adds provisions for nonparticipating employer withdrawal liability under the Public School Employees’ Retirement Fund. (Act 72 of 2019)

House Bill 318 prohibits telemarketing on legal holidays and provides robocall requirements. (Act 73 of 2019)

House Bill 1557 amends the Coal Refuse Disposal Control Act to conform with federal law related to cessation of operations. (Act 74 of 2019)

House Bill 1170 prohibits the employment of unauthorized employees in the construction industry and requires construction industry employers to utilize the E-Verify system when hiring a new employee. (Act 75 of 2019)

House Bill 265 addresses the transfer of credits between institutions of higher education and included several career and technical education provisions. (Act 76 of 2019)

Senate Bill 421 modernizes Pennsylvania’s election process and eliminates “straight party” voting. (Act 77 of 2019)

House Bill 374 establishes the Keystone Tree Restricted Account and allows for $3 contributions to the Keystone Tree Restricted Account when electronically renewing a driver’s license. (Act 78 of 2019)

House Bill 407 provides a standard definition for the term “blighted property.” (Act 79 of 2019)

House Bill 510 amends Title 53 (Municipalities Generally) regarding intergovernmental cooperation. (Act 80 of 2019)

House Bill 511 amends the Second Class Township Code, providing for intergovernmental cooperation. (Act 81 of 2019)

House Bill 512 amends Title 11 (Cities) providing for municipal authorities and cooperation with other political subdivisions. (Act 82 of 2019)

House Bill 859 reauthorizes the 911 emergency communications program until June 30, 2023. The bill also creates a $5 million Non-Profit Security Grant Fund administered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency. (Act 83 of 2015)

House Bill 1085 repeals the obsolete State Personal Property Tax Act. (Act 84 of 2019)

  Senate Bill 694 allows gas well bores to cross multiple units provided that the operator has the right to drill wells on the units. (Act 85 of 2019)

House Bill 947 sets the hours of operation for breweries, distilleries and limited distilleries. (Act 86 of 2019)

House Bill 962 eliminates the criminal statute of limitations for the sexual abuse of a child, as well as associated crimes such as human trafficking. The bill also extends the deadline for civil actions from age 30 to age 55. (Act 87 of 2019)

House Bill 1051 clarifies mandatory reporting standards for suspected cases of abuse and increases penalties for mandated reporters who continue to fail to report suspected child abuse. (Act 88 of 2019)

House Bill 1171 ensures survivors who sign non-disclosure statements are not prohibited from speaking with law enforcement regarding their abuse. (Act 89 of 2019)

House Bill 17 establishes a 10-year time period for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue to collect assessed personal income taxes. (Act 90 of 2019)

House Bill 49 requires public schools to allow students to apply personal finance credits towards satisfying graduation requirements. It also clarifies the role of school police officers and extends the training deadline for school security personnel. (Act 91 of 2019)

House Bill 57 disbands various outdated boards, commissions, committees and other entities. (Act 92 of 2019)

House Bill 97 prohibits the sale, purchase or use of nicotine products or nicotine delivery systems by minors or pupils in schools. (Act 93 of 2019)

House Bill 227 clarifies that school director candidates will be required to submit 10 signatures for nomination. (Act 94 of 2019)

House Bill 754 provides that PACE and PACENET enrollees will not lose their benefits if they exceed the maximum income limit due solely to a Social Security cost-of-living adjustment. (Act 95 of 2019)

House Bill 917 repeals Act 598 of 1929, an act authorizing municipalities, other than townships, to acquire, operate and maintain a hospital. (Act 96 of 2019)

House Bill 956 amends the State Lottery Law to lower the mandated margin rate of return from 25 percent to 20 percent for the five-year period beginning June 30, 2019 and ending on June 30, 2024. (Act 97 of 2019)

House Bill 1016 describes the conditions under which the state Insurance Commissioner may declare a domestic society to be in a hazardous condition and may take actions and sets a process through which fraternal benefit societies can be liquidated. (Act 98 of 2019)

House Bill 1203 requires that the annual audit of an authority must comply with state and federal standards and allows the incorporating municipality to request assistance from the Auditor General. (Act 99 of 2019)

House Bill 1402 amends the Crimes Code to add a new offense of sexual extortion. (Act 100 of 2019)

House Bill 1410 amends the Transit Revitalization Investment District Act by providing for military installation remediation and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances remediation. (Act 101 of 2019)

House Bill 1547 renames several roads and bridges. (Act 102 of 2019)

House Bill 1772 allows a property owner to use identifying purple paint marks on trees or posts to provide notice not to trespass on the property. (Act 103 of 2019)

House Bill 1896 authorizes the release of a use restriction and reversionary interest affecting land in East Vincent Township, Chester County, conveys property in Centre County and addresses an easement in Chester County. (Act 104 of 2019)

House Bill 1982 allows participating employers in SERS to pre-fund all or a portion of their “unfunded actuarial liability.” (Act 105 of 2019)

Senate Bill 146 makes online training more available to current and prospective first responders. (Act 106 of 2019)

Senate Bill 147 empowers the Pennsylvania Game Committee to allow Sunday hunting. (Act 107 of 2019)

Senate Bill 314 creates the Pennsylvania Rural Health Redesign Center Authority and the Pennsylvania Rural Health Redesign Center Fund. (Act 108 of 2019)

Senate Bill 317 amends the Second Class Township Code regarding mandatory annual budget requirements. (Act 109 of 2019)

Senate Bill 456 allows private licensed schools to create branch campuses in counties outside the county that houses the primary site. (Act 110 of 2019)

Senate Bill 473 increases the minimum legal sales age for tobacco products to 21 years of age. (Act 111 of 2019)

Senate Bill 572 requires patients prescribed opioids to enter into treatment agreements with a prescriber to ensure they understand the risks of addiction and dangers of overdose. (Act 112 of 2019)

Senate Bill 733 provides for the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development and Tourism Fund Capital Budget for 2019. (Act 113 of 2019)

Senate Bill 500 creates a County Adult Probation and Parole Advisory Committee. (Act 114 of 2019)

Senate Bill 501 streamlines the process for placement in intermediate punishment, allows parole agents to quickly detain parolees for violations, and streamlines the process for paroling people who receive a short sentence to prison. (Act 115 of 2019)

House Bill 1542 addresses special occasion liquor permits. (Act 116 of 2019)

Senate Bill 316 allows newly elected Second Class Township Supervisors to attend conferences, institutes, schools and conventions prior to officially taking office. (Act 117 of 2019)

Senate Bill 750 requires the state to repurpose the Lieutenant Governor’s Mansion to support programs for veterans and the National Guard. (Act 118 of 2019)

Appropriations Acts of 2019

House Bill 790 is the General Fund Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20. (Act 1A of 2019)

House Bill 1350 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for Penn State. (Act 2A of 2019)

House Bill 1351 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the University of Pittsburgh. (Act 3A of 2019)

House Bill 1352 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for Temple University. (Act 4A of 2019)

House Bill 1353 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for Lincoln University. (Act 5A of 2019)

House Bill 1354 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the University of Pennsylvania for veterinary activities and for the Center for Infectious Diseases. (Act 6A of 2019)

Senate Bill 235 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the Bureau of Professional & Occupational Affairs. (Act 7A of 2019)

Senate Bill 236 Workers’ Compensation Act and the Pennsylvania Occupation Disease Act funding for Fiscal Year 2019-20. (Act 8A of 2019)

Senate Bill 237 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the Office of Small Business Advocate. (Act 9A of 2019)

Senate Bill 238 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the Office of Consumer Advocate. (Act 10A of 2019)

Senate Bill 239 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the Public School Employees’ Retirement Board. (Act 11A of 2019)

Senate Bill 240 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the State Employees’ Retirement Board. (Act 12A of 2019)

Senate Bill 241 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the Philadelphia Parking Authority. (Act 13A of 2019)

Senate Bill 242 provides Fiscal Year 2019-20 funding for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. (Act 14A of 2019)

Senate Bill 243 State Gaming Fund Appropriations funding for Fiscal Year 2019-20. (Act 15A of 2019)

Vetoes of 2019

House Bill 800 makes changes to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit programs concerning definitions and limitations. (Veto 1 of 2019)

House Bill 915 allows milk haulers to travel on highways during a declaration of disaster emergency. (Veto 2 of 2019)

Senate Bill 48 amends the Election Code for a variety of election reforms – including the elimination of straight party voting – and would provide $90 million to counties for the replacement of voting machines. (Veto 3 of 2019)

House Bill 321 prohibits abortion based on a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. (Veto 4 of 2019)


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