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What is ExpressVPN Smart Location

Smart Location is an automated feature within ExpressVPN that selects the best server for you based on several criteria. . It automatically selects the best server location for you based on various factors like download speed, latency, and distance.

This feature is particularly useful for users who want a fast, reliable connection without having to manually test different servers.

How Smart Location Works?

ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature is a sophisticated algorithm designed to automatically select the best VPN server location for you. It’s not just about connecting to the nearest server; the algorithm considers several factors to ensure optimal performance. These factors include:

  • Server Distance: The physical distance between the user and the server can impact speed. Closer servers generally offer lower latency.
  • Server Load: The number of users connected to a server affects its speed. A server with fewer users can provide a faster connection.
  • Network Conditions: The algorithm assesses real-time internet traffic patterns and chooses a server that offers the best speed and reliability.

Benefits of Using Smart Location


  • Optimal Speed and Performance: Smart Location is designed to provide the best possible speed for your VPN connection. By analyzing server distance, load, and current network conditions, it connects you to a server that can offer the fastest and most stable connection.
  • Ease of Use: For users who are not familiar with VPNs or those who prefer a hassle-free experience, Smart Location is a boon. It eliminates the need to manually test and select servers, offering a one-click solution to connect to the best available server.:
  • Improved Streaming and Browsing Experience: Smart Location is particularly beneficial for activities like streaming and browsing. It ensures that you are connected to a server that can handle high bandwidth activities without lag or buffering.
Aspect Smart Location Manual Selection
Speed Optimized for best performance Depends on user’s choice and knowledge
Ease of Use Automatic server selection Requires manual effort and understanding of servers
Server Load Balancing Automatically avoids overcrowded servers User may unknowingly choose a high-load server
Latency Minimized by choosing the closest and most efficient server Can vary based on user’s choice
Streaming/Browsing Experience Enhanced by optimal server selection Can be hit or miss depending on server choice

Improved Streaming and Browsing

ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature significantly enhances the streaming and browsing experience for users worldwide. This aspect of the service is particularly crucial in an era where access to global content is in high demand, and internet users often face geographical restrictions and varied internet speeds.

The Challenge of Geo-Restrictions


One of the primary challenges for online streamers and browsers is overcoming geo-restrictions. Content providers often limit access based on the user’s geographical location.

This limitation can be frustrating for users who wish to access a broader range of content, including international news, entertainment, and educational resources. Smart Location addresses this challenge head-on by automatically connecting users to servers that offer the best access to geo-restricted content.

Another advantage is that you might have a chance to find a better and more affordable offer on some online shopping platform when you change your location.

Optimized Speed and Reliability

Internet Speed Test


Speed and reliability are paramount in streaming and browsing. Slow loading times and buffering can significantly detract from the user experience. Smart Location optimizes both by connecting to the fastest available server.

The optimization is particularly beneficial for high-definition streaming, where consistent speed is necessary to maintain video quality. The feature evaluates factors such as server distance, current load, and overall network health to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Balance of Load and Performance

Another critical aspect of Smart Location is its ability to balance server load. By distributing user connections across multiple servers, it prevents any single server from becoming overloaded, which can slow down connection speeds. This load balancing is crucial during peak hours or when a particular server is experiencing high traffic.

Impact on Online Gaming

Online gaming has specific requirements for speed and connectivity, making the choice of VPN server crucial. ExpressVPN’s Smart Location feature significantly enhances the gaming experience by ensuring low latency and stable connections, which are vital for gamers.

Importance of Low Latency in Gaming

Latency, or ping time, is a critical factor in online gaming. It determines how quickly a player’s actions are registered in the game server. High latency can lead to lag, which is detrimental in fast-paced games where timing is everything.

Smart Location addresses this by connecting gamers to the server with the lowest possible latency, ensuring a more responsive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Server Selection for Optimal Performance

Choosing the right server can be a complex task, especially for gamers who are part of international gaming communities or participate in global tournaments.

Smart Location simplifies this process by automatically selecting the best server based on the gamer’s location and the game server’s location. This feature is particularly beneficial for massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and competitive shooters, where server location can significantly impact performance.

Stability for Uninterrupted Gameplay

In addition to speed, stability is a key concern for gamers. A stable connection is essential to avoid disconnections or game freezes. Smart Location ensures a stable connection by selecting servers that are not only fast but also reliable. This stability is crucial during long gaming sessions and competitive matches where disconnections can have significant consequences.

Handling Server Load

Can a VPN Lower Ping

During peak gaming hours, servers can become congested, leading to decreased performance. Smart Location mitigates this by analyzing server load in real-time and connecting users to less crowded servers. This load balancing is essential for maintaining optimal gaming conditions, especially for popular games that attract a large number of players.

Adapting to the Gamer’s Needs

Smart Location is not a static feature; it adapts to the changing needs of the gamer. For example, if a gamer is playing a title that has its primary servers in a specific region, Smart Location will prioritize connections to that region for the best possible performance. This dynamic adaptation is key to providing a consistently high-quality gaming experience.

Benefits for Remote Workers

Remote workers and VPN

Remote workers often need to access company databases, intranets, and shared files securely. Smart Location simplifies this process by automatically connecting users to servers that offer the best access to their company’s resources.

This means that regardless of where an employee is located, they can connect to the most efficient server for work-related tasks, ensuring productivity is not hampered by connectivity issues.

Improved Security

Security is paramount for remote work, especially when dealing with sensitive company information. ExpressVPN is known for its strong encryption and security features.

Smart Location complements this by ensuring that remote workers are connected to servers that provide not only speed but also the highest level of security. This combination of speed and security is essential for protecting company data and maintaining the integrity of remote work operations.

Seamless Access to Work Resources

Remote workers often need to access company databases, intranets, and shared files securely. Smart Location simplifies this process by automatically connecting users to servers that offer the best access to their company’s resources.

This means that regardless of where an employee is located, they can connect to the most efficient server for work-related tasks, ensuring productivity is not hampered by connectivity issues.

Overall Speed and Efficiency

ExpressVPN, Extension

When it comes to VPN services, speed and efficiency are paramount. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, users demand seamless online experiences, be it streaming their favorite content, engaging in online gaming, or facilitating remote work.

Speed and Precision

In the orchestration of VPN performance, Smart Location takes center stage, conducting a symphony of speed and precision. Its mission: to ensure that users are seamlessly connected to servers that offer not only velocity but also the finesse to navigate the complexities of a dynamic online environment.


In a world where time is of the essence, Smart Location unveils the elegance of automation. No longer do users need to tinker with manual server selection, for Smart Location’s one-click solution propels them directly into the heart of optimal performance.


How does Smart Location determine the best server for me?

Smart Location uses a complex algorithm that considers several factors, including server distance, server load, and current network conditions. It evaluates these variables in real-time to select the server that offers the optimal combination of speed and reliability for your specific needs.

Can I manually override Smart Location’s server selection?

Yes, you can manually choose a server if you have a specific preference or need to connect to a server in a particular location. ExpressVPN provides the flexibility for users to override Smart Location’s automatic server selection when necessary.

Does Smart Location prioritize speed over security?

No, Smart Location strikes a balance between speed and security. While it aims to provide the fastest connection, it also ensures that the selected server maintains the highest level of security and encryption to protect your data and privacy.

Is Smart Location available on all ExpressVPN plans?

Yes, Smart Location is a standard feature available to all ExpressVPN users, regardless of their subscription plan. It is designed to enhance the overall VPN experience for all users.

Can Smart Location bypass all geo-restrictions?

Smart Location is effective at bypassing many geo-restrictions by connecting users to servers that offer access to content from various regions. However, it may not bypass all restrictions, as some content providers employ advanced measures to block VPN traffic.


ExpressVPN’s Smart Location is more than just a feature; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to providing a seamless and optimized online experience.

Whether for streaming, gaming, or working, Smart Location offers a significant advantage, ensuring that users are always connected to the best server available. Its ease of use, coupled with its technical sophistication, makes it a standout feature in the VPN market.

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