Honoring Law Enforcement Agencies Who Are Supporting Ukraine

Over the past several weeks, many law enforcement agencies throughout Pennsylvania generously donated protective gear like bulletproof vests and ballistic helmets to better protect individuals who are providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Although the agencies who donated or supported this effort in other ways were not seeking headlines or publicity, I still believe they deserve recognition for their efforts to support the people of Ukraine during their hour of need.

For that reason, I am compiling a list of participating agencies so their contributions can be honored. A partial list of participating departments is available below. I encourage all Pennsylvanians to share this webpage with their local law enforcement agencies to ensure no department is left out!

If you know of any agency who contributed to this effort who is not on the list below, please invite them to enter their department contact info on the form below or call Jason Thompson in my Harrisburg office at 717-783-4958 and leave department info no later than May 9.

Honoring Law Enforcement Agencies Who Are Supporting Ukraine

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Agencies and departments who donated equipment and/or supported collection efforts include:

  • Bloomsburg Police Department
  • Butler County Sheriff’s Department
  • Chester County Public Safety Academy
  • Chester County Police Agencies
  • Columbia County Chiefs Association
  • Crawford County Sheriff’s Department
  • Columbia County Department of Probation and Parole
  • Lycoming County Police Agencies
  • Northumberland County Police Agencies
  • Pennsylvania State Police Retirees Association
  • Pennsylvania State Police
  • Pennsylvania Capitol Police
  • Scranton Police Department
  • West Chester Borough Police Department
  • Westtown East Goshen Regional Police Department
  • Williamsport Bureau of Police