How to See Who Saved Your TikTok – Is It Possible? [A Detailed Guide]

Can You See If Someone Downloaded a Video From Your TikTok?

TikTok restricts users from seeing who downloaded or saved their videos to a camera roll, aiming to protect privacy. However, it compensates by offering insights into who has favorited videos and, more recently, reintroducing the ability to track profile views.

Amidst privacy concerns over public account content being saved or screenshotted, TikTok provides control over video downloads through specific account settings.

If you are still wondering whether there is a way to find out who is saving the content you share on this platform, I will share more details in the following sections.

Key Takeaways

  • There is no way to check and see who has downloaded your videos.
  • You can still see who liked or bookmarked your video.
  • You can disable video downloads to prevent people from downloading them.

Why We Can’t See This Information?

Save TikTok Video

The platform prioritizes privacy, keeping such interactions under wraps. For creators, understanding who finds their content save-worthy could unlock insights into audience preferences, guiding more impactful content strategies.

Yet, without direct access to this data, creators rely on engagement metrics like views and likes to gauge interest. The absence of a feature to track saves leaves a gap in comprehensively understanding audience behavior, pushing creators to look for indirect signs of content value and resonance.

You Can Block Video Downloads

Stop Downloads On Your TikTok Videos


TikTok allows users to control whether their videos can be downloaded. By disabling downloads in the privacy settings, creators take a step towards protecting their content from being shared outside the platform without consent.

While this feature enhances content security, it also restricts the organic spread of videos, potentially limiting audience growth. Creators must balance the desire for control with the need for exposure, making strategic decisions based on their priorities and the nature of their content.

How to Disable Video Downloads on TikTok?

  1. Open TikTok and Navigate to Your Profile: Start by launching the TikTok app and going to your profile page. This is where all your personal settings and video management options are located.
  2. Access Privacy Settings: Look for the three dots or lines in the top right corner of your profile page. Tapping here will lead you to the settings and privacy menu, where you can adjust various aspects of your account.
  3. Find the Privacy Section: Within the settings and privacy menu, scroll until you find the “Privacy” option. This section houses all settings related to your account’s privacy, including who can see your content, interact with you, and more.
  4. Adjust Download Settings: In the Privacy menu, look for an option labeled “Downloads” or something similar (the exact wording may vary with updates). This is where TikTok allows you to manage the downloadability of your videos.
  5. Toggle Off Video Downloads: Once you’ve found the Downloads setting, you will likely see a toggle or switch. By default, this may be set to allow downloads. Switch it off to prevent users from downloading your videos to their devices.
  6. Confirm Your Changes: After toggling off the ability for users to download your videos, make sure to confirm or save your changes if prompted. This ensures that your new privacy preference is applied to your account.

Discover Who Favorited Your Videos

who favorited your Tiktok Video

Unlike saved videos, TikTok offers visibility into who has favorited your content. Favorites signal a higher level of engagement, as users mark videos for easy access or future reference.

For creators, tracking favorites can reveal core supporters and inform content development to cater to engaged followers. This feature fosters a closer connection between creators and their audience, enabling a more targeted approach to content creation and community building.

How to Check?

  1. Go to Your Notifications: Start by tapping the inbox icon at the bottom of your TikTok app. This section isn’t just for new follower alerts or comments; it’s also where you’ll find who’s interacted with your videos in meaningful ways.
  2. Filter Your Activity: Look for a filter or a dropdown menu that lets you select the type of notifications you want to see. Choose “Favorites” or a similar option to see a list of users who have favorited your videos.
  3. Review Your Fans: Now, you get to see a list of profiles that have marked your content as their favorite. These are your potential super fans, the ones more likely to engage with your content repeatedly.

You Can Still Check Who’s Watching Your Profile?

TikTok reintroduced the profile views feature, allowing users to see who visited their profile. This feature offers insights beyond video interactions, highlighting potential interest from viewers not captured by likes or comments.

Profile views can indicate curiosity or engagement from users, providing clues to the broader appeal of their content. However, the utility of this feature depends on mutual participation, as only users who have the feature enabled appear in view lists.

How to Access Profile Views?

  1. Enable Profile View History: First, make sure you’ve turned on the feature in your own settings. Without this, you won’t be able to see who’s viewed your profile or have your views show up on others’ profiles.
  2. Visit Your Profile: On your TikTok profile, look for an indication or a new section that suggests profile views. This could be a specific icon or a list accessible from your profile page.
  3. Review Your Visitors: Here, you’ll find a list of users who have checked out your profile in the last 30 days. Remember, this list only includes users who have also enabled the profile view feature.

Use the Data as a Valuable Insight

  • Gauge Interest: Profile views can tell you who’s interested in your content enough to visit your profile. This might include viewers who are on the fence about following you or those looking for more content after watching a video they liked.
  • Identify Potential Collaborations: Seeing other creators in your profile views can open up opportunities for collaborations. These are people already interested in your work, making them ideal partners.
  • Refine Your Content Strategy: If you notice an increase in profile views after posting certain types of content, it’s a sign that you’re on the right track. Use this feedback to shape your future content.
  • Analyze Trends: Keep an eye on how your profile views fluctuate with your posting schedule, content type, and engagement strategies. Trends in profile views can offer insights into what drives interest in your profile.
  • Encourage Profile Visits: In your videos, invite viewers to check out your profile for more content. This can increase your profile views and give you a larger pool of data to work with.


Can you see who favorites your videos on TikTok?

No, you can’t see who favorites your TikTok videos. The app doesn’t provide this feature.

Does changing your name on TikTok affect views?

No, changing your TikTok username doesn’t directly impact your video views. However, it alters your TikTok URL.

Can I hide my TikTok from someone?

Yes, you can hide your TikTok account from being suggested to other users. You can also block specific users to prevent them from seeing your content.

Does TikTok tell you how many times someone viewed your video?

No, TikTok doesn’t reveal how many times someone viewed your video. You can only see the total view count for your videos.


Finding out who saved your TikTok videos directly isn’t possible because of the app’s privacy rules. But, TikTok gives you tools to see who’s really into your content and to keep your videos safe. Using features like blocking downloads and checking who favorited your videos can help you connect with your audience and protect your work. Staying updated with TikTok’s features is key for making the most of your experience on the platform.

If you are wondering whether you kid is using this platform, the best solution would be to consider adding a level of parental control.

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