Sony Reschedules ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Yet Again, Pushes Back ‘Karate Kid’ Release

Rescheduled Marvel movie Kraven the Hunter

Sony Pictures has once again rescheduled its Marvel movie, “Kraven the Hunter.” The film, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the main character, will now debut on December 13. This announcement comes after several delays, pushing the movie’s release date to nearly two years beyond its original January 2023 schedule.

Kraven the Hunter has been rescheduled

The delay is due to last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike, which greatly affected production schedules throughout Hollywood. “Kraven the Hunter” serves as a prequel to the well-known Spider-Man villain’s story, exploring Sergei Kravinoff’s transformation into the iconic antagonist.

The rescheduling also affects the release of Sony’s upcoming sequel to “Karate Kid,” which is now postponed to May 30, 2025. Fans of the beloved martial arts series will have to wait a bit longer to see Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio reprising their roles as Mr. Han and Daniel LaRusso.

The film industry’s challenges, such as production halts and changing timelines, have caused these delays.

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