6 Creative Video Editing Tips to Stand Out on Instagram in 2024

When Instagram first appeared, it was all about poor-quality photos with layers of filters and effects. And it was cool back in 2012 and 2013. But today, things are totally different.

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Imagine what would happen if someone shared a photo like that in 2024! You probably can’t because that practice is so outdated, and today’s Instagram is all about cool illustrations, stories, and, of course, the Reels video. But how do you create outstanding videos and see them in full? You can check this out, master the editing, and get the attention you deserve.

Do you want to learn more? Don’t worry; we’ll help with that, too.

Understand the Video Trends for Instagram in 2024

Before learning how to edit and create exceptional videos, you must first understand the current trends. While it seems like an easy task to record a video, you need to know that the raw footage doesn’t bring much benefit.

On the other hand, an edited and adapted video can surely match the audience’s expectations and get you the deserved views and followers.

So, here are the trends to consider:

  • Reels rule the platform! Together with the integrated editing features, you can easily create a nice video with your phone.
  • Short videos win the game. People’s attention span gets lower as time goes by, so winning their attention in less than 10 seconds is a win for you, too.
  • Sounds and sound effects are a major part of today’s Reels, i.e., popular Instagram videos. It seems like people indeed love them, especially when combined with nice and catchy footage.
  • User-generated content, i.e., using comments, mentions, and other types of content that come from your followers, can enhance your overall authority. Also, the users mentioned are very likely to share your content on their feed, which is extra exposure for you.
  • Collaborations, i.e., teaming up with other accounts to expand your reach, especially with influencers.
  • Videos are great for your feed because photos are getting boring, but videos are still vivid.
  • Embracing interactive features like polls, questions, and quizzes that involve your audience, encouraging them to be more active.
  • AI-generated videos to discover even more options for exposure and influence.
  • Photo slides enrich your feed because the mix of content always wins.

Knowing these trends, we can share some useful editing tips with you. That way, you can embrace the potential Instagram brings, recognize the benefits, and surely use them to your advantage.

6 Editing Tips to Embrace

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Let’s see what you’ll need to do to stand out in 2024, using the basic and more advanced approaches:

1. Master the Basics

Good lighting, clear audio, and fancy effects are the basics of each video. You can’t get a quality video with bad footage, i.e., not with the tools your phone has. Sometimes advanced editing tools can remove the background sounds, but until then, focus on the basics and always aim to create quality footage for easier editing.

2. Match the Colors Like a Pro

Some color swaps can do miracles. Make sure the colors in your video match with the topic. For example, if you’re talking about ecology, it’s expected that you use organic tones of beige, green, and brown.

When covering topics about love, colors like red, pink, and purple will do their magic. Also, the vibrance and saturation should be adjusted to extend the effects.

3. Smooth Transitions

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Viewers should be engaged, and seamless transition between video elements ensures they’re comfortable watching it. Usually, most video editing platforms, as well as the editing features of Instagram, already have built-in transition options.

4. Text Overlays

Sometimes, you’ll need to add text to your video for more context or even as subtitles. Make sure you choose easy-to-read fonts and colors that make your text readable but still complement the video style.

5. Graphics and Overlays

Sometimes, you need to personalize the footage by adding fun graphics. It gets easier knowing that many editing apps, including Instagram, already have these features integrated. So, don’t be afraid to add a touch of personality, knowing that it creates a visual identity your audience will easily recognize.

6. Find the Balance

Surely, don’t overdo it with stickers, effects, and colors. Try to establish a template you’ll use in your future videos that match your style and visual identity.

Remember, editing videos is to make them consumable, not headache-inducing. Keep edits subtle and avoid oversaturating colors or adding excessive effects.

How to Master Your Instagram Video Game?

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It’s not enough just to edit and post videos. There are some steps in between like:

  • Get familiar with the topics you cover
  • Understand what your audience needs
  • Analyze what your competitors do to gain attention
  • Test different styles and edits until you find the balance between them
  • Learn more about the current digital marketing trends
  • Create a visual identity your audience will easily associate with you
  • Understand how the Instagram algorithms work
  • Use the Meta business suite to track insights
  • Use the insights to improve your video editing and publishing practices
  • Make sure you follow the social media trends so the audience finds you relevant

Don’t forget that you’ll always have to adapt to various trends or even do things you don’t really like. Remember, if your goal is to attract more audience, you need to give them what they expect.

On the other hand, if you want to stay more niche-specific, then you can be true to your initial idea and style.


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It’s not easy to stand out on an oversaturated social media platform, but you can surely do everything that is needed to accomplish your goals. Make sure you understand basic video editing, as well as current trends, so you can be a part of that world while still standing out. Don’t forget to stay true to yourself, too, because the key is in the balance.

By following these tips and keeping an eye on trends, you can create eye-catching Instagram videos that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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