Netflix vs Disney Plus Compared: Which Is Better?

Netflix and Disney Plus are popular streaming services and you're asking yourself which one should you choose

When it comes to streaming giants, it’s often a battle between Netflix and Disney Plus. Netflix, the seasoned streamer, brings a diverse buffet of shows and movies, including those addictive originals we all talk about.

Disney Plus counters with a nostalgia-packed punch, offering many classics from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and more. So, which one wins the streaming crown? It’s like choosing between pizza and ice cream – both are amazing, but your pick might just depend on your mood!

comparation between Netflix vs Disney plus

Content Libraries

A Tale of Two Libraries - Disney + v sNetflix

At the heart of any streaming service is its content library. Netflix sports a vast collection, with roughly double the number of movies found on Disney Plus.

It’s not just about quantity, though. Netflix prides itself on the diversity and quality of its offerings, including original movies that have clinched many rewards.

Disney Plus, on the other hand, shines with its unparalleled access to beloved franchises like Marvel and Star Wars and its own classic Disney movies.

In Australia, Disney Plus sweetens the deal with the Star back catalog, bringing critically acclaimed films like ‘Heat’ and ‘The Martian’ into the fold.

Feature Netflix Disney Plus
Content Library Vast and diverse, with twice as many movies Focus on family-friendly, franchises
Original Content Extensive, including Oscar-winning movies Expands beloved franchises, mixed success
TV Shows Wide variety, high-quality originals Growing, includes exclusive series
Documentaries Broad selection covering various topics Access to ESPN’s 30 for 30, sports docs
Kid-Friendly Content Strong anime collection, Studio Ghibli Disney classics, Pixar movies
Streaming Quality 4K HDR, mobile downloads 4K HDR, mobile downloads
Subscription Cost Starts at $6.99/mo. for basic plan Starts at $7.99/mo.
Bundle Options None Bundle with Hulu, ESPN Plus ($10-$25/mo.)
User Profiles Up to 5 profiles Up to 7 profiles
Parental Controls More robust content filters Standard controls, family-friendly focus
Global Availability Extensive global reach More limited compared to Netflix
Trial Period 30-day trial 7-day trial

TV Shows and Documentaries

Netflix’s strength extends to its TV show repertoire, featuring a mix of high-quality original and licensed series.

Its documentary section is equally impressive, covering a wide range of topics from true crime to nature.

Disney Plus has made strides with its TV offerings, especially with the introduction of series based on its iconic properties, though the results have been mixed.

However, it does offer ESPN’s 30 for 30 series and other captivating sports documentaries.

Kid-Friendly Content and Anime

Both platforms cater well to younger audiences, with Disney Plus offering a rich selection of Disney classics and Pixar movies or newer Disney installments such as Moana.

Netflix counters with a strong anime lineup, including exclusive shows and the beloved Studio Ghibli movies.

Streaming Quality and Accessibility

Streaming Quality and Accessibility - disney plus or netflix

When it comes to watching your favorite shows and movies, both services deliver high-quality 4K HDR content and allow for mobile downloads.

Netflix offers more flexibility with its subscription plans, including a budget-friendly ad-based option.

Disney Plus, however, provides more streams on its standard plan and has a unique bundle offer with Hulu and ESPN Plus.

User Experience

Disney Plus allows up to seven user profiles, outpacing Netflix’s five, and offers a more generous download allowance.

However, Netflix takes the lead with more sophisticated content filters and parental controls, ensuring a safer viewing environment for younger audiences.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing always plays a crucial role in decision-making. Disney Plus starts at a competitive $7.99 per month, slightly undercutting Netflix’s basic plan.

Both platforms offer trial periods, though Netflix’s 30-day trial is more generous than Disney Plus’s 7-day offering.

It’s worth noting that Disney Plus’s availability is more limited globally compared to Netflix’s extensive reach.

The Original Content

Exploring Original Content - disney plus or netflix

Original content is a significant battleground for streaming services. Netflix has heavily invested in producing unique, exclusive content, including movies and TV shows that have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal viewer base.

Its commitment to originality spans various genres, from drama to comedy, and includes international content, reflecting a global perspective.

Disney Plus, while newer to the original content game, leverages its existing franchises to create exclusive shows and movies.

Its strength lies in expanding beloved universes like Marvel and Star Wars through series that dig deeper into stories and characters fans can’t get enough of.

While its venture into original content outside these franchises has seen mixed success, the platform’s ability to draw on its rich heritage gives it a unique edge.

What About the Family Content?

Family viewing is a core aspect of Disney Plus’s appeal. Its arsenal of Disney classics, Pixar animations, and family-oriented shows make it the go-to platform for family movie nights and kid-friendly entertainment.

The platform’s interface and features are designed with families in mind, from the easy-to-navigate menus to the ability to set up multiple profiles, including kid-specific ones with enhanced parental controls.

Netflix, while offering a broader range of content, doesn’t fall short in the family-friendly department.

It provides various shows and movies for children and families, including educational content, animations, and adaptations of beloved children’s books.

Moreover, Netflix’s parental controls and profile settings ensure that parents can curate a safe viewing environment for their children, making it a versatile option for families with diverse tastes.

The Value of Bundles and Subscriptions

When comparing the value offered by Netflix and Disney Plus, it’s essential to consider the subscription models and bundle options.

Disney Plus’s bundle with Hulu and ESPN Plus presents a compelling value proposition, offering a comprehensive entertainment package that covers a broad spectrum of interests, from movies and series to sports.

Netflix’s subscription model is straightforward, with tiered options that cater to different needs, from the single viewer to families requiring multiple simultaneous streams.

While it lacks the bundle options of Disney Plus, its wide range of content and the ability to watch on multiple screens (depending on the plan) provide flexibility and value for subscribers.

The Value of Bundles and Subscriptions - disney + or netflix

So, Which Is Better?

Deciding between Netflix and Disney Plus boils down to your personal viewing preferences.

If you’re after a broad and diverse content library with plenty of original titles, Netflix is hard to beat. Its commitment to quality, variety, and innovation has set a high bar in the streaming world.

Disney Plus, with its focus on family-friendly content, beloved franchises, and the unique bundle option, is perfect for fans of Disney-owned properties and those looking for wholesome entertainment.


Ultimately, both platforms excel in their respective niches. Netflix offers a wider variety of content for all ages and interests, making it a versatile choice for many.

Disney Plus, with its targeted appeal to families and franchise enthusiasts, provides unmatched access to some of the most cherished stories and characters in entertainment history.

In the end, the choice between these platforms may not be about which one is better overall but which one is better for you.

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