Is Grown Ups 3 Coming? – All You Need to Know!

Grown Ups 3

Grown Ups is a comedy film series that features Adam Sandler and his longtime friends, such as Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider, as a group of childhood buddies who reunite as adults and deal with various family and personal issues. The first film, Grown Ups, was released in 2010 and grossed over $271 million worldwide, despite receiving mostly negative reviews from critics.

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The second film, Grown Ups 2, came out in 2013 and earned over $246 million worldwide, but was even more panned by critics and audiences alike. Both films were directed by Dennis Dugan, who has collaborated with Sandler on several other projects.

Many fans and critics, much like the anticipation for other awaited franchises such as Disney’s Moana, are wondering: Is a sequel in the works?

Uncertain Future for Fans of the Comedy Franchise

The latest news and updates on Grown Ups 3 are not very promising for the fans of the franchise. Although some of the cast members have expressed their interest and willingness to return for a third film, there is no official confirmation or announcement of a sequel yet.

Maria Bello, who played Sally Lamonsoff, the wife of Kevin James’ character, told Flickering Myth in 2016 that:

“People have talked about it, and we’ve heard it might happen”.

Nick Swardson, who played Nick, the brother of Rob Schneider’s character, said on The Rich Eisen Show in 2020 that Adam Sandler “had talked about it, and there was another script out there that wasn’t approved”.

Potential Challenges and Hurdles

Grown Ups 3

However, these statements are vague and outdated and do not indicate any concrete plans or progress for Grown Ups 3. Moreover, Sandler’s exclusive deal with Netflix and Sony’s ownership of the rights to the franchise could pose some challenges and complications for the production and distribution of a third film.

Unlikely Soon

Although fans may still hold out hope for a reunion, the available information suggests that Grown Ups 3 is unlikely to materialize soon. However, a surprise announcement from Sandler and his friends could always turn the tide and bring the gang back together for another round of laughs.

Final Words

In my opinion, Grown Ups 3 will likely not happen, unless the filmmakers are willing to make some drastic changes to the formula. The previous films relied heavily on juvenile humor, recycled jokes, and celebrity cameos, which resulted in a stale and predictable experience.

Please note that the information presented in this article is based strictly on speculations and sources from the internet. It has not been independently verified and should be considered with caution. The views and conclusions drawn are not endorsed by any official or authoritative body and are subject to change as new information becomes available. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise critical thinking when evaluating these speculations.

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