Red 3 Movie: Renewed or Cancelled?

Red 3 Movie

When you think of action-packed, star-studded films filled with humor, the “Red” franchise might come to mind. This series, focusing on retired CIA agents living anything but peaceful retirements, has cultivated a loyal fan base since its debut in 2010. With the immense popularity of the first film and its sequel, “Red 2,” rumors have been swirling about a potential “Red 3” for years. But is it really happening?

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The Initial Sequel Announcement

Following the success of “Red” and “Red 2,” there were rumors that “Red 3” was in the works. The film was announced in May 2013, even before the second movie hit theaters. This signaled the studio’s confidence in the franchise, with writers Jon and Erich Hoeber signing up to pen the third movie and production scheduled for 2014.

However, 2014 came and went without any signs of “Red 3.” It appeared that the mediocre critical and financial reception of “Red 2” might have dampened plans for a third installment. By 2015, the Hoeber brothers were reported to be developing a Red TV show on NBC, but it’s unclear if this project ever went on to pilot.

The Fate of “Red 3”

Bruce Willis in Movie Red

Since its initial buzz in 2013, there has been no progress on “Red 3,” and considering the lukewarm response “Red 2” received, the prospects of a third installment materializing now seem slim.

Should the franchise see a revival, it’s more probable that it would be through a film or television series reboot featuring an entirely new cast. Recently, the only follow-up Bruce Willis has demonstrated significant enthusiasm for is the “McClane” prequel/sequel, although it remains unclear whether this project is still in development.

The Future of the Red Franchise

Will Bruce Willis be in the sequel to the movie "Red"

Even though “Red 3” might never hit the big screens, the “Red” franchise still has a passionate fan base eager for more content. Given the current trends in the entertainment industry, it’s not unreasonable to think that a reboot or spin-off series could be in the franchise’s future.

However, such a reboot would likely not include the original cast. As previously mentioned, it’s doubtful that stars like Bruce Willis or Helen Mirren would return for a TV adaptation. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A fresh cast could bring a new dynamic to the series, attracting a new audience while maintaining the essence of the original movies that fans fell in love with.


Even though “Red 3” might remain a dream, the “Red” franchise has left an indelible mark on the action-comedy genre. The unique blend of action, humor, and charm brought to life by an ensemble cast of seasoned actors is a testament to the franchise’s enduring appeal.

While fans may be disappointed that “Red 3” seems unlikely to happen, the potential for a reboot or TV adaptation, slim as it is, brings new hope. 

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